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Premium Blend

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June 6 - 9

Eddie Gossling
PG-18: Language or sexual content

Eddie is one of the funniest comics you will ever see! He is a little goofey - a little animated - a little dirty - a little strange - and a whole lot of fun! No two shows are ever the same but they are always exactly Eddie! If you don't know his name now, you won't forget it after you see this master of club comedy!

Ticket Prices

$8 Thursday, 8:00pm (06/06) 18 and up show College & Military Night $4 with ID

$15 Friday, 8:00pm (06/07) 18 and up show

$15 Friday, 10:30pm (06/07) 18 and up show

$15 Saturday, 8:00pm (06/08) 21 and up show

$15 Saturday, 10:30pm (06/08) 21 and up show

$8 Sunday, 8:00pm (06/09) 18 and up show

Eddie Gossling was born in Johnson City, New York, while his father was away at pilot training in the Air Force. When Eddie was two years old his father fed him a teaspoon of horseradish sauce. Four hours later after a quick trip to the minor emergency room, Eddie was back in his crib, a stronger and wiser baby. In a way, Eddie's father did him a favor. When Eddie was four years old his grandmother gave him a bunny for Easter. Eddie accidentally poked one of the bunny's eyes out. Four hours later after a quick trip to the minor emergency room, the bunny received his freedom. In a way, Eddie did him a favor. When Eddie was nine years old, his mom, (against the recommendation of his teachers), suggested that he be held back a year in school. That same year he became head hall monitor with cafeteria captain looming in the near future. In a way, Eddie's mom did him a favor.

Happy childhoods lend themselves to happy adulthoods. After graduating from high school, as any normal nineteen year old would do, Eddie chose to follow in his father's footsteps, kind of, and enlisted in the Louisiana Army National Guard. After two years of service to the state of Louisiana, Eddie defected to the Texas National guard where he completed his military commitment and began to study art at Southwest Texas State University. Were it not for parking violations, Eddie would have received an associate's degree in artistic design. In a way, once again, the parking lot police did Eddie a favor.

In 1995 Eddie was the first mascot for the San Antonio Iguanas, a minor league hockey team. After growing disenchanted with his title "lounge lizard" and consistently being mocked for having to start the wave, he decided not to show up for the playoffs. In a way, Eddie did himself a favor. After more misfit jobs including a stint as a warehouse t-shirt folder, Eddie's last favor was performed by a temporary employment agency when they placed Eddie in a junior accountant position for a meat factory. This turned out to be the biggest favor of all. He then took to the stage in a San Antonio comedy club and has since been returning the many favors again and again. His comedy is brilliantly original, charming, and slightly self-deprecating. He is a force on stage not unlike the big ones he admires: Steve Martin, Richard Pryor and Bob Newhart. In 1995 he won the HBO Stand-Up StandOff Comic Relief VII competition, and in 1997 he won the US Comedy Arts Festival talent search competition.

Recently, Eddie performed in the Chicago Comedy Festival and in 2001 became the first ever comedian to perform at the Montreal "Just For Laughs" Comedy Festival as both a "New Faces" performer and "Festival Gala" performer. Eddie can be seen nationwide on Comedy Central's "Premium Blend."

Eddie works the clubs like nobody's business and has single-handedly redefined the label- "working comedian." He is ultimately thankful for the many favors he has received thus far in his happy life and is looking forward to repaying them back, one joke after another.

With Feature Act: Ricky Carmona

Host / MC: Cam O

Show Begins @ 8:00 pm
Doors @ 7:00 pm
18 and up show

Show Begins @ 8:00 pm
Doors @ 7:00 pm
18 and up show

Show Begins @ 7:30 pm &
10:00 pm
Doors @ 6:30 pm & 9:20 pm
18 and up show

Show Begins @ 7:30 pm &
10:00 pm
Doors @ 6:30 pm & 9:20 pm
21 and up show

Show Begins @ 8:00 pm
Doors @ 7:00 pm

* Comedians, prices & show
times subject to change.

* All shows are 18 and up,
unless otherwise noted.